Nancy Greene Program Overview

The Nancy Greene Ski League is a national program that exposes young skiers between the ages of 6-12 to ski training and racing programs. Nancy Greene was Canada’s Olympic champion in 1968 and she remains a very active supporter of ski racing, especially entry-level programs for young skiers. This program is designed to develop basic skills and self-confidence. The development approach emphasizes participation in games and exercises that are fun. Because a highly competitive program will hinder skills development for younger skiers, individual competition has been given a low profile in Nancy Greene. Instead, the emphasis is on participation in a team effort where everyone has contributes to the results.

A skills awards program is available as part of Nancy Greene training. There are eight levels of achievement and pins in recognition of each level. The program emphasizes skill development designed to allow an individual to enjoy the sport of skiing for life and, if they are interested, to have the confidence to move to more competitive racing. It is not necessary for a club to follow the awards program; however, it has proven very successful.

Quote from Nancy Greene Raines

“A child must learn to walk before learning to run. Skiing skill development must follow the same sequence, with basic skiing technique being mastered, allowing young skiers to master steeper slopes and more difficult snow conditions, before serious ski racing begins. The challenge of speed, the essence of ski racing, must come in a “run for fun,’ not “run to win’ situation. Formal competition too early in the development of skills may stifle a child’s natural delight in racing before they can develop their full potential.”