New Head Coach

Hello Parents,

First, I would like to introduce myself to all the parents that I haven’t had the chance to meet yet. As you may have heard, I am the new head coach for the ski team. I have over 35 years of experience as an alpine ski coach at various level from NG to FIS. During my coaching career, I was fortunate to work with some of the best skiers in the province. I am from a ski racing family that had success at the provincial and national level.


New this season,

Please note the important rules change for this season:

All U14 and U16 racers must wear a back protector for speed events (SG).

All U14 racers must wear a FIS approved helmet for all events. The helmet will have a FIS sticker on the back. Please insure that your child’s helmet has the FIS sticker.

For the children in the NG, U10 and U12, the FIS approved helmet is not required, but if you must acquire a new one for your child, it’s not a bad idea to get the FIS approved. That way, when your child move to the U14 level, you will not have to replace it.

Let’s hope for snow soon.